June 2022 Update

We have updated Jobs and made some small changes to Plus Calendar Meetings Planner to include other categories. These are client inspired so many thanks to Marc, Jean -Marie for this one and all of the clients who contribute on a regular basis to help us Improve InstallerPro. We have other important changes coming next week.

Engineers will have a new END OF DAY button from next weekend. This will enable engineers on a multi-day job to make notes on a job and complete the End of Day without completing a report, placing on hold, or extending. The system will store their notes and their log in times each day and then summarise in the Time Sheet Information.

This function will allow the engineer to simply roll over the job to the next attendance in the sequence. Its important that you brief your engineers regarding this coming change.

We are also releasing a number of new disciplines with Forms during this week.
They include:

Gates & Barriers – to GateSafe Standards
Video Door Entry
Non Video Door Entry
Toilet Alarms
Nurse Call
Dry Riser
Fire Hydrant

Don’t forget we also have AOV and ECVS available.
Let us know if you need any of these in your system and we will activate for you.

Job Completion Notification

We have added Engineer visit status to all Jobs in the Jobs tab.
All jobs in the Summaries now show the visited status i.e. visited or not visited and if visited, the visit date Plus a preview of the engineer form. This should help see the status particularly of call outs and allow for faster close-down of jobs.

Job Call Out Screen

Enquiries Screen

Completed Jobs

Plus Calendar Meeting

We have added some new categories to our Meeting Visits in the Plus Calendar for you Including Van/Car, Survey and Other.