B2B Portals bespoke web-based software applications

B2B Portals has been building bespoke web-based software applications for multi £million clients for over a decade.

Our expertise covers complete business management systems through to auction and trading sites all based around the latest coding technologies.

We have learned to make systems simple and ensure that they work the way people do. That makes them friendly, easy and intuitive to use so training is simple and quick.

Everyone sees what they need to see to do their job and no more so no cluttered screens just what needs doing next.

Our applications are web-based. No software needs installing so our systems can be operated from virtually any web enabled device with a connection.

InstallerPro web-based service company application

The product of over a decade of experience tailoring bespoke web-based business management systems to a wide variety of clients. InstallerPro is an online software application designed to help service companies run their businesses efficiently, with minimal administration and maximum control.

The secret to running a service company is to know what is going on. It seems obvious really but as a Manager or Director you simply can't get inside everyone's head to know what they are doing all of the time. How often do you find yourself asking for an update on a job status? Do you know month by month if you're meeting certification standards with your service with bodies such as the SSAIB?

InstallerPro is a system built around ensuring that the people running the business are in 'real time' contact with the key areas of their business.