InstallerPro for the Security, Fire & AV Installation & Servicing Industry

We are pleased to introduce our new product InstallerPro for the Security, Fire & AV Installation & Servicing Industry.

B2B Portals has spent the last 12 years building bespoke portals for companies who rely on our software to make their businesses work every single day. We have clients ranging from small businesses right up to those turning over many tens of millions per year. We’ve packed all that experience into our latest product.
InstallerPro web-based service industry management software

It Works

We write all of our own software and that means we aren’t reliant on anyone else to make changes, improvements or updates to our products.

The software is fully cloud-based and fully secure and backed up on our servers.

Engineer Portal

InstallerPro Engineers' Portal
InstallerPro comes with a special Engineer view of the system (the E-Portal) with scaled down functionality and views to make their job easier.

The E-Portal integrates seamlessly with the rest of the system and comes free with the main system.

No Surprises

Our software and databases are robust and well structured and as they are all held on our mission critical servers and not your local systems they are completely reliable and maintained.

Compliant with SSAIB / NSI requirements

InstallerPro compiles your data for compliance with SSAIB and NSI compliance requirements.


No Contract

We are confident that you will be happy with our software, so confident that we won’t tie you in to a fixed contract.

No Limits

You can run as many compatible devices and engineers as you like with InstallerPro.

That’s PCs, Laptops, tablets & mobile devices. Our systems work on mobile compatible devices.  You do not need a bespoke PDA to run our software.

Client Portal

InstallerPro Client portal
InstallerPro Installation & Servicing Industry Application allows your clients to log in and see their reports.  As soon as an engineer has completed a report or certificate, that information is available to the client online.